Everything you need to build an ad network more sustainable
  • Offers management

    Offer List
    support 12 customize selections and export offers details in excel and 1 click offer status operation.
    Offer Approve
    Deal with all the pending request from your publishers within few clicks.
    Create Offer
    create and track multi price model offers,smart caps setting,publisher permission management,support all kinds of creatives including videos and landing page.
  • Data Report

    Conversion Report
    Record each conversion details and support over 17 different filters.
    Event Report
    Record every event conversion details and support over 13 different filters.
    Quality Report
    Provide quality report analysis for events-supported offers,including events rate,CAC ROI and so on.Support optimization action when necessary.
    Optimization Report
    Record every optimization history details.
  • API Intergration

    We have integrated 500 APIs, just enter your tokens and you are all ready to go.
    Integrate with publisher through API is never being so easy,just click and done Support 9 different filters.
  • Fraud Detection

    IP Analysis
    Support IP analysis to prevent potential risk from IP fraud traffic.
    TTI Analysis
    Our system support CTIT analysis, which prevents potential fraud click by measuring the click to conversion time.
  • Rules&Tools

    Label rule
    Label Rule is a tool that enables automated labeling. Flexible combination with Group Prmission can realize automatic control of offers.
    Tracking Test
    Tracking test will automatically test the jump of the API offers, it can detect the jump path and whether it is successful.
    Traffic Pause Rule
    The Traffic Pause Rule can make rules and monitor the system, triggering some processing operations if the conditions are met.
    Group Permission
    Group Permission can manipulate offers' permissions through multiple dimensions.
  • Billing

    Billing Method
    check details of publishers payment information.
    Billing History
    Provide billing details,generate invoices track the status of payments and provide financial analysis.
    Auto Billing
    Record each conversion details and support over 17 different filters.