Marketing SaaS Platform

HugOffers provides a Traffic Tracking
Platform for creating your own Network.

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Features you won't find anywhere else

The Trackier Performance Marketing Platform enables you to create, automate, measure, and optimize all of your marketing Campaigns, Publishers, and advertisers, creatives and conversions in one place.

  • Unlimited Users

    Free to add unlimited employee.

  • Real-Time Report

    Real-time conversion, optimization, events, and quality reports help you make

  • Email Report

    The Trackier Performance Marketing Platform enables you to create, automate, measure

  • Automatic Billing

    Automatic to generate invoice and easy to check billing progress

  • Unique Automation Tools

    Multi - dimensional intelligent tools,regulate flow, help you avoid misoperation.

  • Customization

    Make it your costumization system.Use our custom tools to show your unique brand.

  • Flow Rule

    Use traffic redirect, automatic traffic pause,conversion rule, real-time monitor traffic.Increase the convertion rate.

  • Fraud Detection and Alerts

    The detection of 17 indicators, IP fraud detection, TTI fraud detection

Help performance automate their work process and
Take performance maketing to the next level

Create kickstart and manage your own advertising in the most effective way ever

  • Smart Link

    Intelligent traffic split, automatic match spacified offers,increase conversion rate.

  • API support

    More than 500 API Integration, easy to operate advertisers and publishers API data.

  • Personal permission management

    Use permission matrix management, to limit the access of the system,customized to facilitate effective operation.

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